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November 20, 2023

Fall roof maintenance tips for getting your home winter ready

Fall roof maintenance tips for getting your home winter ready

Winter is fast approaching, and you’ve probably prepared your furnace, shopped for warm clothes, and inspected your air conditioning system. However, have you prepped your roof for the cold months?

Remember, your roof is what stands between the interior of your home and the outside world. If it’s in good condition, it serves as a barrier against branches, rain, ice, snow, hail, and debris. And, if it’s in poor shape, it opens up your home to various damage such as leaks and mold and mildew growth.

Therefore, during the fall, it’s vital to perform some maintenance work on your roof to avoid problems in winter. The last thing you want is your roof caving in due to snow accumulation or ice dams forming on your roof.

So, what fall roof maintenance do you need to complete in time for winter?

1. Gutter cleaning

As seasons change, the leaves also change to beautiful yellows, reds, and oranges. Unfortunately, when these leaves fall, they not only fall on your yard but also in your gutters. Therefore, if you don’t spend your time cleaning your gutters this fall, you’re more likely to end up with clogged gutters that cause ice dams to form in winter.

Ice dams form at the ridge of your roof, and the water that backs up behind the dam seeps into your home. This causes extensive damage to your insulation, walls, and ceilings.

To clean your gutters:

1. Use a small scoop to remove gunk or your hands to scoop out any debris, branches, or leaves.

2. Ensure you’re wearing gloves to prevent nips and cuts.

3. Once you have removed the debris, flush your gutters using a garden hose to clear any remaining debris.

2. Roof inspection

Many homeowners believe that if they don’t see an obvious problem with their roofing, they don’t need to get it inspected. Moreover, since roofs are usually not visible from the ground, it’s easy to miss minor issues that affect its functionality.

Remember, roofs are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, making them susceptible to damage. For instance, high winds can loosen roof shingles, causing them to tear away or fall off. Hence, it’s wise to inspect your roof to identify any subtle problems that may impact its integrity.

A roof inspection helps determine how long your roof can last and whether you need to replace it. To ease the process, hire an experienced roofer for your roof inspection as they can analyze all the nooks and cracks and come up with practical solutions for your roofing problems.

3. Roof repairs

There’s no better time to repair your roof than fall. Whether it’s a minor leak or sagging gutters, making sure every repair is done during fall ensures your roof is winter-ready. While many homeowners forgo small repairs in a bid to save money, it’s never a good idea. What will start as a cracked shingle in summer can quickly progress to a missing shingle in winter, allowing water, ice, and snow into your home.

Instead, call a trusted roof maintenance company and have them repair your roof to increase its durability. Some of the common roof repairs you should expect include:

• Flashing leaks

• Missing or broken shingles

• Poorly installed skylights

• Damaged roof vents

• Water spots

Some roofers may recommend getting a new roof altogether if the damage is extensive. However, be wary of companies that sell you an entire roof replacement when you don’t need one.

4. Trim or cut dead and overhanging branches

Trees not only provide shade for you and your loved ones, but they also improve curb appeal. But, when the temperatures fall, dead branches can pose a huge risk to your home since they’re not strong. Heavy rainfall, ice, or snow can easily weigh down dead branches, causing them to fall on your house.

Luckily, you can avoid this by trimming any dead branches in your yard. Additionally, cut off trees close to your home to prevent them from crashing into your roof in case they fall.

When to call a roofer or general contractor

Roofing repair, replacement, and installation involve complex processes that require a skilled and experienced roofer. Therefore, while there are some fall maintenance tips you can comfortably DIY, some warrant a professional roofer.

For instance, once you perform a visual inspection of your roof and identify issues such as broken and lose shingles, it’s wise to call a roofer for repairs. Trying to perform such repairs can open up your roof to severe issues that require more money and time to fix.

This is because you may not have the proper tools or skills required to complete the repairs. Besides, you may be at risk of falling off the roof and injuring yourself. During your visual inspection, some of the issues to take note of include:

1. Punctures and tears

2. Areas where the roof is pulling away at the edges

3. Deteriorating materials

4. Leaks, especially the attic and crawl space for water damage

5. Bald spots or severe curling on your shingles

All these repairs warrant a roofer or general contractor that can analyze the root cause of the problem and come up with practical solutions. Furthermore, an expert can carry out another inspection to identify other issues that you might have missed.

Ultimately, always keep an eye out for problems that might affect your roof’s integrity. For instance, after a storm, inspect your roof for damage and ensure your gutters are free from obstruction. Also, just before the cooler temperatures set in, schedule a pre-winter inspection to ensure your downspouts are in shape, and your roof is free of moss.

This way, your home can be snug and ready for the winter.

Need an experienced roofer or general contractor?

At Esh Builders, we are general contractors that can install and repair your shingle or metal roof. We use high-quality materials and get the job done right the first time, giving you the peace of mind knowing your home will be winter-ready. Contact us today for your roof repair or installation.

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